Creating Your Dream Kitchen

Initial Meeting

The purpose of the initial meeting is to gather information and to get acquainted.  Ideally this takes place in your home if it is a remodeling job. For new home construction, the meeting usually occurs at the office of Mary Kurtz Kitchens.  At this meeting, we discuss the scope of the job, review your wish list and needs, and discuss a ballpark budget.  There is no charge for this approximately one hour meeting.

After this meeting if we agree to work together, a design retainer is required.  The amount is dependent on the scale of the job.

Design Development

With the information gathered from the initial meeting, Mary Kurtz Kitchens prepares concept drawings.  Together we determine traffic flow, choose types of appliances, and make the space function for you.

After we have determined the basic shape and function of the space, we focus on styles and finishes.  This is the fun part…where we make the room beautiful. We will help you sort through the countless new products available to us in the global marketplace and create the kitchen that reflects your vision and personality.

Products and Installation

Mary Kurtz Kitchens typically provides cabinetry, cabinet hardware, countertops, backsplash materials, sinks and faucets. We will help you sort through the many appliance choices and recommend independent vendors.

Mary Kurtz Kitchens  will work with your contractor, or refer you to a reputable contractor. Throughout the installation process, we will work hand in hand to ensure that the vision we have developed together is realized.